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Baldness Solution & Dandruff Treatment

Baldness Solution: Men begin balding when they hit thirty. In females, there is no specific age as they tend to retain their hair way better than men do. In men, baldness is caused due to the deficiency of the male hormone testosterone and in females it occurs

Healthy hair and hairfall remedies

Hairfall remedies: Your hair type is determined by its natural condition – how much moisture the hair holds and its sebum levels and how you treat your hair. Perming, coloring and heat styling can have an impact, so it is important to use the correct products.Normal hair

Prevent Hair Loss by Natural Medicine Way

If there is hair loss in your immediate family, you may want to learn how to prevent hair loss before it starts. One of the most common causes of thinning and balding hair is your genetics. Male pattern baldness and even female pattern baldness are hereditary conditions.